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Senior Military Bomb Dog Dumped At Shelter

Solano County, CA – This week, the public learned that a senior, retired military bomb sniffing dog had been surrendered to a Solano County animal shelter. The heartbreaking information was released by the Saving shelter animals in/near Solano County Facebook page, which shared the information with the hopes of finding a rescue group to help the 11-year-old German shepherd, named Grom.

The post explains the situation:

Grom is an 11 yro German shepherd who spent 8 years protecting his handler and serving this country to keep us safe from potential threats. When his owner got permanent change of station orders he landed at the Solano county animal shelter. He was owner surrendered with double ear infections and thinning fur on his hind end. According to his previous owner he lived his entire life as an outdoor dog or in the garage. He is currently being treated for his ear infections and has received flea treatment by the kind shelter vet staff.

The post struck a chord with animal lovers who were heartbroken to learn that the distinguished shepherd had been cast aside. Fortunately, the viral nature of the social media posting worked its magic, and a short time later, it was announced that rescue had been secured for Grom.

Update: 6/13/24 we are so excited to announce that the shelter is working with Mission K9 Rescue & Ddamien project and are committed to finding Grom a retirement home. Thank you for all the shares and Grom says thank you too.🐾❤️

Grom is safe and will not be transferred to yet another shelter. Good work networking people!

(Images of Grom via Facebook)

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  1. bloody disgraceful. this handler needs a huge fine, minimum $10,000, to teach this POS the meaning of loyalty, and lifetime ban from keeping any animal. worthless asshole, deserves to get injured now hes on his stupid own out there!

  2. What’s going on? Military personal who handled these dogs are suppose to be notified when the dog is retired. I cannot believe so many have been abandoned by their handlers. Thank you Mission K9Rescue but how can you have so many? Is no one from the DOD notifying the ex handlers if they want the dog? It doesn’t make sense to me so many are unwanted.

  3. This has got to show the worst in some people..this beautiful dog gave his all and what did he get in return NOTHING ear infections and fleas because they wouldnt even give him the comfort of a bed or couch inside. Disgusting to say the least.

  4. What a disgusting person the handler is, to dump his k9 like he didn’t matter! I’m sure Grom saved his life more than once!! And this is how he gets repaid, dumped in a shelter. Some people are just plain stupid, evil and reprehensible!!

  5. THIS IS ANOTHER one of CA dogs to be done like this!! CA GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER, THESE DOGS SAVED LIVES and caught the people that did not belong on streets!! IF YOU CAN’T GET police officers that handle these dogs like they were K-9’s, DON’T LET THEM HAVE THE DOG!!! And CA wanted to argue with another retired officer about keeping his dog!! CA you are an AWFUL STATE, along with NY, in the UNION!!! DO ANY OF YOU KNOW HOW TO TREAT DOGS THAT RETIRE??? LIKE YOU DO THE HUMAN OFFICERS, give them something, like a home with people that love him, for his/her retirement!! To allow this is to give your business as patrol officers, a VERY BAD NAME WHICH YOU NOW HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • These loyal dogs have a horrible life with brutal handlers BEFORE they are retired, and retirement just perptuates their abuse.
      It is a wonder animals have any toleration for humans at all, given the way too many treat them.

  6. Shameful!! It’s sickening that dogs are put in harm’s way as K-9s, and I’ve never agreed with it. There are some that are sent into situations with armed suspects where you know they don’t have a chance of coming out alive. But these handlers are just users. They don’t care about their dogs. If they’re not injured or killed in the line of duty, they die in careless “accidents” where the A/C mysteriously turns off while they’re left locked in the cruiser, or they’re just outright “forgotten”” in the hot car….or, like Grom, they are simply treated like garbage until they are finally dumped at a shelter, where many don’t get out alive.

    Grom was very lucky! Thank God he made it out, and he now has the chance to finally know what it feels like to be loved and cared for the way all animals deserve! I would take him in a second! He’s a gorgeous boy, and I’m sure he’s a sweetheart as well. GSDs are wonderful dogs! I’ve been blessed to have two live into their teens, and I still miss them every day. God bless and protect all dogs and everyone who cares for them. Please give Grom a huge hug from me, and make sure he goes to the best, most loving forever home because he deserves that and more. Make sure he’s always well taken care of because he has suffered enough. Thank you!

    • I keep wondering how long it is going to take for people to start geting the message that I’ve beeb broadcasting for the last 40+ years. Apparently, most are not paying attention, or just don’t want to believe it.

      It is never a case of “one bad apple.” K9 units teach ard require brutality to the dogs. In public propaganda, the dogs ae referred to as “partners” and “fellow officers.” In private they are called “tools” or “equipment,” and handlers are reminded, “These are NOT your fuzzy buddies.”

      K9s are kicked, punched, hanged to unconsciousness, helicoptered and slammed to the ground. When not in use, or being tortured in ongoing ‘training,’ they are kept in solitary confinement, which is psychologicaI abuse.
      And then K9s that survive (many more of them die from ongoing abuse by their handlers than at the hands of any suspects).

      I’m just sick of so many people ignoring it. After witnessing the torture, I did the research to learn more about it because it was the worse thing I had ever seen in person. But most people’s reactions are like, “Oh well, she must be exaggerating,” especially when a representative steps forward to deny it. They deny it all the time. It’s a coordinated Code of Silence. They are liars.

      It doesn’t help that links aren’t allowed here. I can show them on GAB, where more people sit up and pay attention when they see undercover videos and reports of what actually occurs behind the scenes.

  7. this crap turns my stomach. not only was this dog surrendered by his worthless handler but his life was spent outdoors and with untreated issues. another k9 dog lost his life after protecting his people. using these dogs this way is bad enough but to let them spend their remaining years like this is deplorable. i am so glad a rescue stepped in and will now find this brave dog a life he deserves.


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