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Senior Cat Given Up By Her Family But A Pet Store Errand Stop Changed Everything


At 10 years of age, a senior cat named Mallie found herself homeless after her former family decided that they could no longer care for her. The pretty feline ended up at a pet store, waiting for someone to take notice of her.

Little did her soon-to-be new owner know that a simple errand run to the pet store would end up being life-changing. Mallie’s sweet adoption video was uploaded to TikTok and it quickly garnered thousands of views.

Mallie’s would-be adopter had stopped at the pet store to buy some litter and decided to visit the cats who were for adoption. The rest, as they say, is history – it was love and first sight.

After a few sweet snuggles, adoption papers were being signed, and Mallie was loaded into a carrier, destined for her new home.

The video shows Mallie settling in at her wonderful new home, and the comments on the video reveal that everyone is in love with the cat, her adopter, and the sweet story.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

Find Mallie’s TikTok account here.





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  1. Ten years old is not even really old and to treat her like a disposable object is wrong. They could’ve done worse but still. Thankfully there is a man who saw her as a valuable being who needed a home with love. I have two cats who are 11 ish and I would never do this. My dog is 15 and was 14 1/12 when he came.

  2. Bless you for adopting little Mallie!! I rescued all twelve cats from my backyard. I had them trapped in two long steel cages with towels on the bottom so they won’t feel hard & cold steel cages. I didn’t want to take them to Animal Shelter as in my backyard, it has a huge Outbuilding with two huge rooms. After having them trapped & fixed. They learned to live in my house & became tamed. I didn’t have the heart to have them abandoned to Animal Shelter. I always feed them in two huge rooms in the huge Outbuilding & a large shed also in front porch for another cats. I learned that every household has the limit of four pets. I always feed them some different kinds of dry cat food at every time every day. Those bowls in front & back yards are for lost or abandoned dogs also for the hungry birds from my front tree, too. They sure keep me busy. I’m truly blessed to have them as my company. I’ve always been a dog lover, but with so many cats to take care of, Again, bless you for adopting little Mallie!

  3. When I became a pet owner over 25 yrs ago, I told everyone that they are with us until they pass away that’s the law in our home!!!! don’t use excuses why you can’t keep them!!!!!!! If you can’t take care of them for life then don’t get them!!!!!!!!!! I have 2 cats one is 10 yrs and 8 yrs both came to us because careless people throw them out like trash!!!!!!!!!!! remember these are your family with 4 legs and you don’t kick them out because you want to move and they don’t take pets so you don’t move there!!!!!!!

  4. That’s so cool. I’m glad Mallie has a great new home. I just don’t understand how people can give up an older family member. How sad, but it’s their loss because senior pets are wonderful.



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