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Second-Grader Raised Over $2,000 For Shelter Animals

In April, an ambitious second-grader raised over $2,000 for shelter animals in East Haven, Connecticut. The boy behind the sweet gesture is seven-year-old Connor Vece. His grandmother, Mary Correia, explained how the idea came to life, after he expressed the desire to give his money to shelter dogs, telling Yahoo News:

“I asked if he wanted to do a pet food drive where we can collect dog food right in front of our house, and he said yes.”

The pair set up shop in Correia’s driveway, using some music to attract fellow animal lovers, and Correia’s granddaughter sported a dog-costume to help collect donations. In short order, droves of supporters from all around East Haven arrived to make donations of food, money, and supplies for the East Haven Animal Shelter.

On April 24, the shelter posted photos from the event, and expressed gratitude for the donations:

“Thank you all so so very much, I gasped when I saw how much was collected!! You are amazing!!!”

Great job Connor! What an amazing act of kindness.

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