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Sea Lion Pup Hops Onto UCLA Rowers’ Boat

Los Angeles, CA – A rower with UCLA got a big surprise during practice last Monday when a malnourished sea lion pup hopped on her boat. UCLA sophomore Logan Hibbard was not scared by the interaction, and she said she tried her best to stay calm.

She said, “Honestly, I tried to be really calm. It was just a baby sea lion. He was really, really friendly. I figured if I stayed calm, that would make him more calm. And so, we just sort of had an understanding with each other.”

Hibbard attempted to pet the pup, but he made it clear that she did not appreciate it.

The pup was taken in by the Marine Mammal Care Center in Los Angeles. Experts confirmed that she is underweight and that is likely why she was so willing to approach humans.

As for Hibbard, she is grateful for the amazing experience.

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  1. Poor little lost pup. I wonder if she’s old enough that she doesn’t need her mother, so that she can be set free near other seals. Nice that there was no deranged goon out there to ruin everything with violence.



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