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Scared Puppy On ‘Red Alert’ To Be Euthanized – Don’t Let Her Story End This Way

Scared puppy is "red listed" for euthanasia at the Riverside County Animal Control agency.

Riverside, CA – A scared puppy has been placed on “red alert” to be euthanized at a crowded California animal control agency. The 11-month-old pup, ID#A1748020, has been held at the Riverside County Animal Control agency since July 1, and nobody seems to be interested in saving her young life.

Scared puppy on red alert to be euthanized at shelter
Scared puppy on red alert to be euthanized at shelter

Scared dogs do not do well at animal shelters. Being held in loud, unfamiliar situations is stressful to the most stoic, confident dogs…being a young, inexperienced, frightened puppy is overwhelming.

This young dog (dubbed Miley by shelter staff) deserves to live her life. She will not have that chance if someone does not step up soon. Please take a moment to network her adoption information.

Animal ID: #A1748020 Miley🖤🤎
Gender: Female
Color: Tan
Age: 1 year
Located At: Riverside Shelter
Kennel Substatus: BEHAVIOR
Comments: Behavior. Can you help??? Transferdas@rivco.Org ***on euth list***

Location: Riverside County Animal Control – Riverside Shelter
Phone Number: (951) 358-7387
Address: 6851 Van Buren Boulevard
Jurupa Valley, CA 92509


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Watch a video of this puppy on Facebook here.

Please call the shelter directly for all inquiries about this dog. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has no affiliation with this shelter, or this dog. Thank you.

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  1. This only a puppy please In name jesus don’t let her die in this scary shelter .she is scared to death and is gonna be killed because she’s scared she’s a really good girl please in name Jesus can’t someone please stand up and show her the love she so deserving of ??? She needs a miricle just to live

  2. Well we certainly don’t euthanize people who are scared but our species has no problem doing it to other species. Pathetic.

  3. the shelters are overcrowded, people are not adopting or fostering anymore. donations to help keep them alive are down. this is the unraveling of humanity. when people put more effort in viewing or hurting innocent animals the writing is on the wall. look at what society has become. a bunch of compassionless mummies who care little about life, any life! look at what humans are doing to each other everyday, what chance does an animal have. comments like money wasted or just put her down are becoming commonplace instead of words of encouragement or compassion. it has become a sad and desperate world we live in and this younger generation seems to be at the heart of it. they care about nothing other than themselves or crazy things that will get them a thumbs up from other callous people like themselves. there are many loving people out there but we are being swallowed up by the evil around us and the fight in us will eventually be extinguished. you can only push uphill for so long before there is no win in sight. i hope i am wrong but the things i am seeing in the name of politics is a game changer. i hope i am wrong but i doubt it !

  4. I pray this poor dog and all her friends will find a safe and loving home…….
    But they face a lot of risks now as this country is full of evil sadistic psychopaths!! I hope they will not end in a horror home! Then being in heaven is a much better option….



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