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Saved From Neglect, Staff Hopes Shelter’s Longest Canine Resident Can Finally Find A Home

Orlando, FL – In October 2022, a neglected dog was removed from a bad situation and taken to the Orange County Animal Services facility in Orlando, The dog, named Bella, had clearly led a hard life and her body showed the sad impact of neglect.

When Bella first arrived at the shelter, she was malnourished but happy and a bit shy. Fast forward to January 2023 – Bella is still at the shelter (now their longest resident) and she has come into her own. The shelter said:

Bella is our longest resident, and she is not the same dog that came through our doors all those days ago. Not only is she ten pounds heavier and all muscle, but she has regained a certain attitude to match her size. She is dominant, intelligent, selective with her companions, and extremely strong and energetic. To say she has come a long way is a serious understatement.

Bella’s resilience shines through, and the people who know her think that she will continue to grow and thrive in a home. The animal welfare agency said:

She’s a survivor, and we know that she would absolutely thrive in a home of her own. Bella is that rare dog that is always in high spirits, always ready to play, tail wagging and excited for the new day. Seeing how much she has changed here, we can only imagine how much better she will be when she gets her second chance at happiness. Her second chance at a great life.

Please share Bella’s story and help her find that special person who is the perfect fit for Bella’s personality. Bella has loads of energy and she would love to burn it off with an active person or family.

Find Bella’s adoption profile here.


To find out more information, please email or call 407-836-3111 and reference this pet’s ID number.

Note: All inquires about this dog, including those about behavior, health, and availability must be made directly to Orange County Animal Services. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact. Thank you.

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  1. I was so hoping to see in the comments someone (qualified) saying “I want Bella!” and being serious about it. Wish that person could be ME. Unfortunately we have “too many” rescued dogs (4) as it is. She’s a great looking dog…hard to see why she’s been overlooked for so long. May she get her perfect forever home real soon.

  2. She is beautiful and somewhere out there is a home for her. I can take no dogs right now and she may have more energy than I have. I would not feel comfortable having such an active dog around my 16 year old dog anyway. He is deaf, blind, and unsteady on his feet sometimes. It is not that she would hurt him but it could be disconcerting for him. Who would not want such a wonderful dog though?

  3. Sweet Bella, you are so resilient (and forgiving). If someone wants to spot me the plane fare I would love to have her come live with me and my 2 GSD’s in Melbourne Australia. She would be a wonderful addition to my fur family.



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