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Rover Pet Sitter Under Investigation After 4 Dogs Died From Heatstroke

Houston, Texas – A highly rated Rover pet sitter is under investigation after four dogs died of heatstroke while in her care. As reported by KHOU News, one of the dogs who perished at the home was Goose, who belonged to Jessica Hayward and her husband.

Hayward tells the news agency that she dropped her year-and-a-half old dog off at the woman’s home last Thursday and on Saturday she received a call that Goose was dead.  Jordan and Matt Johnston also lost their chocolate Labrador retriever, Porter, to heatstroke. The pet sitter told both couples that she did not know how the dogs died.

Another young dog, Archie, suffered heat related injuries and is at a veterinary clinic fighting for his life. Archie’s owner, Andrew Seerden, was told by the pet sitter that her air-conditioning went out.

But the owners of the dogs impacted by heat at the Rover pet sitter’s residence suspect the dogs were all being kept outside in a shed. Seerden tells the news agency, “None of us knew that’s where they would be kept and if we knew we would have never left our dogs there.”

The situation is under investigation, but the woman is not facing criminal charges at this time. Her profile on the Rover app has been removed, however.

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  1. first off she should be in jail her actions were obviously deliberate. people should not trust their pets with anyone! maybe a close family member in a pinch that you can trust 100 percent. these places are killing, selling and losing animals like crazy. even the grooming services are in on the deal.

  2. She should be in prison. If her air conditioning broke, she should have called the animals’ families immediately and Rover should have found temporary air conditioned housing for them. The story doesn’t add up. Either the animals were kept outside or she left them unattended for more than a few hours with no air conditioning.


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