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Retired K9 Heroes Rescued From “Hero Haven” After Officials Find Them Living In Squalor

Pennsylvania – Dozens of retired K9s, who gave their life to law enforcement or military duty, were recently found living in squalor at the “haven” where they were supposed to be enjoying the twilight of their non-working life.

According to the Pennsylvania SPCA, over the course of the past several months, nearly 30 German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and a Labrador retriever, were taken into their care after the Bureau of Dog Law conducted a routine inspection at K-9 Hero Haven, a rescue organization in Northumberland County.

The animal welfare agency explains:

The dogs’ kennels were covered in feces and blood and their water bowls were green from lack of cleaning. Bodies that were once lean and exuded strength now withered away with untreated medical conditions.
What was supposed to be a haven for these heroes ended up being the very opposite.

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After months of caring for the neglected dogs, the rescue’s owner finally pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and her kennel license was revoked. Even more cruelty charges have since been submitted to the District Attorney’s office.

The agency is working hard to find homes for these retired K9s – homes where they will be treated with love and dignity.

While the case continues, our focus is on ensuring the best outcome possible for the dogs in our care. Many have already found homes, some with their previous handlers. They’ve gone as far as Alaska and Arkansas, and some have stayed close to home.

You can donate towards their care at this link to the shelter. 

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  1. this is a damn disgrace. these dogs put their lives in the care of humans when they are working and when they are not. they deserve respect and care at both times. they should be cared for in a manner that promotes the health of their breeds especially the Shepards and the Malinois. these dogs can’t stay locked in a cage. it will destroy them. on top of the disgusting physical condition they are in, most other dogs would have died already. this bitch should suffer the same fate. lock her up with every law possible. it is bad enough these animals lives are considered expendable, a thought that i don’t agree with. there are other tools law enforcement can use other than sending a living creature into a situation where more times than not they will suffer extreme injuries or death. this stuff burns me how it took this long for someone to realize this piece of shit was harming these dogs. not only are they living creatures but they will defend their human until death. can’t say the same for the humans. i could never serve with a dog who is my partner and at the end of his USEFULLNESS not take him home to be a part of my human family. i owe him that and probably much more!

    • Sounds to me you’re involved in law enforcement, and yet not telling all there is to know. Seem to be aware that privately the dogs are considered equipment, and are referred to as “tools.”
      This “Haven” is just another little bit of evidence leaking out, about how ‘treasured’ these dogs are (not). The RULE (top down) for “training” them involves regular abuse and even torture, in the form of slow strangulation, usually by hanging to unconsciousness, “helicoptering,” slamming to the ground and kicking, electroshocking, and so much more.
      Officers who don’t like this RULE, and refuse to go along with it, are kicked off the “team,” and that leaves the willing sadists and the weak minded foIIowers. So the sadists run the K9 units. And when a K9 handler says his K9 Iives at home with his famiIy, he’s not saying that the RULE ordains the dog be kept in solitary confinement when not in use.
      Telling the truth publIicly about what is done to the dogs is FORBIDDEN. And it appears that teIIing too much here gets me a warning to keep it short. So I’ve cut this, and the whole truth is still not exposed.

      • Ich habe Achtung vor Ihnen, dass Sie die Tatsachen aufzeichnen, denen sich hier keiner bewusst ist!!!!! Es ist ekelhaft das selbst die Polizei ihre eigenen Hunde foltert und dann noch verlangt das sie ihr Leben geben für Ihre Hundeführer. Es tut mir sehr leid, dass fast alle Menschen blind und egoistisch durchs Leben gehen…die Wahrheit ist…der Mensch ist die Plage unseres Planeten und das ist das Inferno.

        • Thank you Christine. Translation:

          I respect you for recording the facts that no one here is aware of!!!!! It is disgusting that even the police torture their own dogs and then demand that they give their lives for their handlers. I am very sorry that almost all people go through life blind and selfish…the truth is…man is the plague of our planet and that is the inferno.

        • I did read it carefully, and caught these items, which the public-at-large is not aware of:

          “promotes the health of their breeds especially the Shepards and the Malinois. these dogs can’t stay locked in a cage. it will destroy them.”

          Most of the uninitiated still think of German shepherds as “police dogs.” It’s the “working dog” community (associated with police and sheriffs) who are familiar with Malinois being the latest trendy (inbred for hyperactivity) choice for K9 bite work. It is typical of “working dog” insiders to express their knowledge of these breeds’ need for activity.

          “there are other tools law enforcement can use.”

          Referring to OTHER tools, implying the dogs are aIso tools. And that is what the dogs are referred to BEHIND THE SCENES. In public, they’re called “partners” and “fellow officers”.

          So, you have some knowledge that the general public doesn’t. Excuse me if it’s just a coincidence, but keep in mind that for all the effort I’ve put in trying to help these dogs, I’ve encountered many who were on the inside trying to disguise themseIves as unaware of what goes on. I discovered that early on, with the words and actions of our own K9 handlers in public and in the presss.

  2. i went to the websites that have taken in these dogs. it truly brings tears to my eyes but yet through it all you can see how much pride and dignity they still have. i pray they all find a loving home who appreciates them and loves them.

  3. Not much of a haven but why were they there instead of being adopted? If it was the right kind of place, it might have been better but working dogs need more than languishing. I’m glad they revoked her license.

    • Because there is so much more to the story, which is deliberately withheld. Why, if their handlers treasure them as “partners,” do they end up there? In reality, most end up being killed by their handlers during (or as a result of) “training” or destroyed by other means. It’s a vigorously well covered up secret. Those who tell the truth publicly face serious consequences.

      • I call BS to your rant. I am directly involved in K9 officers through fundraising and awareness. Yes, they are a “tool” used for community safety and involvement. They are also used for comfort in the community during different situations where police must be involved. They are also the “family members” of their officer partners. I for a fact know of 2 that must retire in the next 2 years that are going to enjoy retirement with the partner families. If you have directly witnessed the “abusive” training were the proper authorities called? What actions did you take? Do you have the proof of the accusations? I also have seen and been involved with the Military side of the K9’s. Proof please.

        • Interestingly, I repIied to your comment, and it got ‘disappeared” at the moment I clicked ‘reply,” So, once again, propbabIy a shorter version to prevent “gIitches,”

          That’s a hoot – report it to who? The perpetrators? I when through the chain of command, the press, the D.A.’s office, the FBI, and all complicit. I’m sure you know that.

          No Iinks allowed here, but I have plenty of evidence and supporting videos and info from around the USA and other countries, which I frequently share on free speech platform GAB.

          Your rhetoric has been used for decades to fool John Q Public, but I know it’s all lies. I saw it up close and personal and my department, then experienced the same script being followed at the rest of them.

          • Whoa, your Department? You were one of these past abusers? I cannot speak for your Department. All I know is the groups/ PD’s and trainers that I interact with do not train/treat their partner/tool or pet this way. I am involved in many. I am not looking for a link, just post a lead to article and I can find it. It is easy to rant without factual proof.

        • I did battle with my department about this, and their retaliation ranged from threats (and harassment at work, at home, and in public), to attempts on my life.

          Pretty juvenile strategy to suggest I participated in it, and quite typical of those of you who keep and protect the Code of Silence to employ as a distraction.

          I owe you nothing, because you are one of them. I have over 4 decades of dealing with and discerning the lies and attempted gaslighting. You’d most likely go to the top influencers in your field and try to get those articles and videos “disappeared.” They already have the mainstream media minions doing their bidding, censoring what they want censored, and disseminating their propaganda

          If you want to find me, and the documented information & video I have I share them on free speech platform GAB, regularly.

  4. Despicable. Why is her website still up promoting her “rescue” and seeking donations?? Facebook page too. Why has this “rescue” not been completely shut down?

  5. They are still pretending to be a rescue on facebook, posting about dogs that are likely no longer in their custody and praising themselves for the important work they are doing. What liars and scammers.

  6. You mean when the “beloved” dogs were taken there after “retiring” the place wasn’t checked out at all? They knew. Looks like the “lovely retirement home” for the torture-trained “tools” of law enforcement was just continuing the prized tradition: Use, Brutalize, Neglect, Kill, Dispose…and LIE, LIE, LIE. And they would “never kill/trash such special, expensive dogs!”
    The “folks” just eat up all that K9 partner-hero stuff.
    I sincerely hope all of those dogs end up in the beautiful lives they deserve, and that the demon and her cohorts also get exactly what they deserve.



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