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Rescuers Save Kitten Who Had Been Stuck In Drain For Days

Lansing, MI – A kitten, cold and hungry, was spared a miserable death thanks to a good Samaritan and a team of rescuers who were determined to save him. On Thursday,  Ingham County Animal Control posted images of the rescue effort and shared details about how the gray and white kitten was saved.

According to the animal welfare agency, a good Samaritan discovered the kitten in a storm drain located at Michigan and Cedar in Lansing. The agency put together a team of rescuers from the City of Lansing Public Service Department and Lansing Police Department to get the 6-week-old kitten to safety.

Using air and water, the public works department was able to push the kitten to an area where he could be retrieved.

The animal welfare agency believes that the kitten, dubbed Jordan, had been stuck in the drain for “days” because he was emaciated and hypothermic when he was retrieved.

But things are looking up for Jordan; he is safe, warm, and receiving proper care. According to the shelter, he is “doing well.”

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  1. Rescued one like this. He developed I’ll Ed’s after illness. Storm drains are filthy places. Keep a close eye on this guy for at least a month

  2. Followup to him in his loving permanent home would be good. We all need to know. TYSM for doing what any sane, caring person would do! Keep up the great work, all.

  3. I know there is at least one individual on this comment thread who, apparently, doesn’t believe we should be celebrating Jul 4th AND by that comment (which was foul and obscene) probably doesn’t think we are an exceptional nation. However, this story proves her so wrong by the selflessness of these men and one woman who went above and beyond to rescue this little kitten who, most assuredly, would have met a painful and grisly death. I am so grateful to these great people who proved their determination and tenacity, and showed just how compassionate Americans are when the chips are down! So, long live Jul 4, and God bless America!



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