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Rescuers Save Horse Who Fell Into Stream

A team of New Jersey rescuers recently came together to save a horse who was stuck in the mud after falling into a stream. The horse, named Lucy, was unable to free herself after slipping into a muddy stream on January 2.

The Southard Fire Dept. No.1 posted several photos of their “special assignment,” explaining how the rescue teams freed the horse from the muddy mess:

Our members as well as members from Freewood Acres Fire Company No. 1, Squankum Fire Company #1, and Howell Township Office of Emergency Management responded to the scene and used straps, ropes and sheets of plywood to extricate the horse from the mud.

A veterinarian remained on-site to ensure that the horse was okay. After a great deal of effort, Lucy was freed and a subsequent update reassured everyone that she was okay after the traumatic ordeal.

UPDATE – we have spoken with the ranch today. Lucy was given warm fluids yesterday and is doing great today! They asked that we please thank all of the responders once again for their great efforts yesterday **

Great job!

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  1. Great job and huge thanks to the kindhearted and efficient rescuers. They were a hell of a lot kinder than the fire dept. in another state who refused to help rescue a duck frozen in a pond (a local person rescued the duck, who is doing well).

  2. Thank you for all Responders to help free this horse to safety! How beautiful to see how humans help animals in distress, ad they also help us?! Living together in this beautiful world in harmony.
    Abundant blessings and keeping you safe and healthy!



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