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Rescuers Save Dog Who Was Stuck In Small Sewer Drain

Kansas City, MO – Days of desperate barking led to the discovery of a young dog who was hopelessly trapped in a small sewer drain. A good Samaritan discovered the year-old pit bull mix, provided him with some food and water, and called for assistance.

According to KMBC News, KC Pet Project rushed to help the distressed dog, but they were unable to get him out of the confined space. Tori Fugate with the organization, said:

“His poor little snout was sticking out and you could just tell he’s been down there for a couple of days.”

The trapped pup was finally freed after the local fire department was called out and now he is recuperating from his ordeal with the KC Pet Project. Fugate said:

“We’re hopeful that someone will recognize him and come to reclaim him. If not, he’ll be available for adoption here after his stray hold.”

Nobody knows how the pup got into the small area, but everyone is thrilled that he has been freed.

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  1. So glad the pup was found in the sewer drain. Hope his people find him if not he will get a new home full of love and care. ❤️🙏🐶

  2. I’m so happy someone heard this little guy and got him rescued! Bless his heart for being such a brave dog.

  3. My little dog Tyler is terrified of sewer drains, won’t go near them. I’m so glad people were on the ball for a change and got this poor dog rescued. What a world this is, so many dangers everywhere. And so many vile people. Thank goodness for all kind people of action.

  4. The owner was probably the person that stuffed this poor dog into the sewer to begin with. I hope his old owner is never found unless of course authorities are going to arrest him or her for such a crime. I hope the dog is adopted by someone kind and loving who treats animals like their own children.

  5. There is no way this dog got in there by itself. I pray this is not a new trend to dispose of dogs and cats…



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