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Rescuers Save Battered And Broken Dog And Now She Gets To Go To A Real Home

St. Louis, MO – A dog who was literally on the brink of death just over a week ago has been saved. The pup, dubbed Jessie, was saved by Stray Rescue of St. Louis – when she was first discovered, her entire head was swollen and her body ravaged by infection.

Battered and struggling to survive

Jessie was rushed to an emergency veterinarian for care – her condition was so dire that her very survival was in question.

Fighting to survive

Nobody knows how Jessie was hurt so badly. Was she beaten with a bat? Was she in a dog fight? Whatever happened was devastating – her orbital bone was shattered and her teeth were broken. Most of the damage is on one side of her face, but she also has some wounds on the top of her head.

The origin of her injuries is a mystery, but she has proven herself to be a mighty survivor.

Five days ago, with the help of antibiotics, pain medication, and a devoted veterinary team, Jessie showed signs that she was going to overcome the trauma.

Four days ago, Jessie was well enough to leave the veterinary hospital and go to Stray Rescue, and on Friday, the rescue group let everyone know that a foster home had been found:

Although we selfishly want to keep Jessie here with us forever, we know that healing in a foster home is what is best for her. And guess what – one of her ER nurses that helped to save her life fell in love with her. She came to get her today and couldn’t believe how good she looks already! 

You can follow Jessie’s continued road to recovery at this link to Stray Rescue of St. Louis on Facebook, and this link to Instagram.

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