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Rescue Team Saves Deaf Dog Who Fell 100 Feet Into Ravine

Sorrento Valley, CA – A California family is counting their blessings after rescuers recovered their deaf dog from a ravine near their home in Sorrento Valley. The San Diego Humane Society‘s Emergency Response Team (ERT) was dispatched earlier this week after an 8-year-old Australian shepherd named Hobo slipped into a ravine near his family’s property.

An ERT Humane Officer descended over loose rock to reach Hobo, who had slipped 100 feet down the steep hill. The first officer called for assistance after determining that the drop was too dangerous to maneuver alone.

In a social media post, the animal welfare agency recounted the rescue effort that saved Hobo:

Members of the ERT Technical Response Unit rushed to the scene, setting up safety lines to rappel down the steep terrain. Five team members were required to cut the dog free from brush with a saw before securing him for the climb up.

It took four hours to get Hobo safely back up to his anxious owners, who credit the rescuers with saving his life, saying:

Β β€œIt was a miracle. I mean thank God for the Humane Society.”

(Images via San Diego Humane Society Facebook page)

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  1. If you have a deaf dog, you need a fenced in area. I don’t think you would even be allowed to adopt a deaf dog if you didn’t have a fenced in yard.

  2. The family needs to be better about their dear dog’s safety. Accidents happen but this sweet dog depends on you doing your best. No more. πŸ™β€οΈπŸΆ

  3. The Humane Society and members who participated in this fantastic rescue we commend you, and send you, our blessings. This was a brave act of kindness and compassion.


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