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Rescue Takes In Litter Of Puppies Struck By Commercial Mower

San Antonio, Texas – A Texas rescue organization has taken in a litter of puppies that was struck by a commercial lawn mower in San Antonio just days after the start of the new year. According to San Antonio Pets Alive, the five-day-old puppies were sheltering from the elements in a wooded area when they, and their mother, were hit by the mower.

The outcome was devastating. The mother dog was killed and the puppies suffered serious injuries. The injuries proved to be too much for some of the pups to survive; the organization said:

Upsettingly, two of the five wounded puppies didn’t make it. The other five are being fed every few hours by our fosters and are doing well despite this awful ordeal.

The animal welfare agency said that the puppies are receiving love, care, and medication, as they recover from their injuries and the loss of their mother. You can help support the organization at this link. 

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