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Rescue Takes In Dog With Huge Tumor On Her Face And Now She Is Being Showered With Love

Los Angeles, CA – A California rescue agency has taken in a homeless dog who is suffering with a massive tumor on her face. The dog, dubbed Pearl, is with Foxy and the Hounds rescue and she is being showered with love and affection while those caring for her anxiously await the results of a biopsy taken from the mass on her face.

Pearl was saved from the Los Angeles County Animal Care Services (Downey) facility after her photos began circulating on social media. The rescue agency explains what they saw when they looked at her photos:

What we saw, was a beautiful Pit Bull that desperately needed our help. It’s unfathomable to all of us to even imagine the pain and suffering she was forced to endure! It will only be love and kindness for this deserving girl from here on out!


We believe every dog deserves a chance at life and we are all hoping for a good outcome. The truth is that Pearl’s life has already changed forever. She is now a Foxy dog, out of the shelter, warm, loved,  and receiving the very best medical care. We are absolutely thrilled to have rescued beautiful Pearl!

Nobody knows what the future holds for Pearl. What is known is that she will be treated with love and kindness for the time that remains in her life. You can follow Foxy and the Hounds at this link to Facebook.


PayPal: foxyandthehounds@gmail.com
*Venmo: foxyandthehounds (last 4 digits are 9990 if needed)
*Checks can be mailed to:
Foxy and the Hounds
6520 Platt Ave. #222
West Hills, CA 91307

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