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Rescue Issues Warning After Pet Cats Found Beheaded And Deliberately Killed

Bury, U.K. – Pet owners in Bury are being advised to keep their cats indoors following a series of disturbing, cruel acts of violence. As reported by BBC News, Oldham Cat Rescue reported the death of a rescue cat on March 21; the 13-year-old cat, Poppy, was beheaded.

And Kitty Rescue Bury said that a cat named Pickle, and another grey cat (owner unknown) were killed deliberately, in an “awful way.” The deaths have prompted the rescue agencies to encourage owners to keep their pets indoors.

The police and the RSPCA have been informed of the cruel deaths and there is an active investigation underway. In the meantime, pet owners are advised to remain vigilant to keep their cats safe from harm.

“If anyone has first-hand information about what happened we would urge them to call the RSPCA, in confidence, on 0300 123 8018.”

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  1. Abnormal acts of cruelty that needs to be addressed; it’s not normal behavior to inflict pain and death on others. It seems to be done by an individuals with a mental illness/ or is criminally insane Lock them up and throw away the key to their cell door. Not possible to help individuals who act violently on animals or people. I blame the parents too.

  2. there are truly some sick bastards in this world. doesn’t matter where you live their abnormal brains all think the same. they should all be captured put on a secluded island and left there to rot.

  3. The death penalty has got to reinstated, and implemented against most criminals, and definitely against scum who commit crimes against animals

    • couldnt agree more, they must start getting proper sentences. id give 10 years hard labour 1st offence then 20 for 2nd, 3rd offence is execution with no appeal permitted. for the fake mental health screechers(i say fake as ive met lots of mentally ill folk of all kinds, including dangerous psychotics none of who have animal torture under their belt. theres a big difference between being mentally ill and being evil and we cannot go on pretending there isnt) law has an obligation to the innocent first and foremost and its time this was adhered to and this pandering to unspeakable scum stopped. animal torturers are no loss to society and we all know they graduate onto people, so put the fear of god into them and if that doest work, remove them altogether. its what the rest of society deserve; we work bloody hard and obey all the rules and we are expected to put up with our pets being crucified then our kids? screw that!

  4. evil soul less sub humans. Whoever you are you are a coward!!! When KARMA comes for you I’ll watch your world burn 🔥🔥🔥and I’ll SMILE ☺️



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