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Rescue Group’s Hilarious Social Media Post About ‘Most Adoptable Dog’ Goes Viral

Earlier this week, a Connecticut-based rescue group posted a hilarious description about their discovery of the “most adoptable dog on the planet,” and it has gone viral on social media. One More Dog Rescue outlined the glowing attributes of the senior dog, fondly named Lord Herald.

The organization’s post begins:

“We have found him. *THE* most adoptable dog on the planet. There is a not a soul on earth who will not want to apply for him. We have won the game of rescue.”

The group said that Lord Herald is about 10 years of age and he has a “severe heart murmur.” The old boy is a “big biter,” who “loves to bite,” but potential adopters fear not…he has no teeth, so recipients of his bites get a “sad gummy kiss.”

Lord Herald gets so excited by “latching on” to his victims that he tends to fall into a coughing fit. They assure readers that it is okay to laugh, and reassures those worried that they will not be euthanizing him for his questionable behavior. In fact, they are confident that he can “bring someone to peak TikTok fame.”

The cheeky post garnered nearly 2000 comments and was shared almost 5,000 times. People love the description of the rescue’s grumpy old man, aka their ‘toothless wonder.” You can follow the comical rescue agency at this link to Facebook.


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