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Rescue Group Desperate To Find Stolen Transport Van Holding Recently Trapped Feral Cats

Napa, CA – A California rescue agency is desperate to find their transport van which was stolen this week in Napa. According to Whiskers, Tails and Ferals, the white Ford transit van was parked and held recently trapped feral cats inside.

On Monday, the rescue group wrote:

It has cats in traps that were just trapped here in Napa in the back of the van. I could care less about the van. I want my cats!!!!
A thief rode up on his bicycle hotwired it stole it at 11 PM seen on a video camera.

Providing the van’s license number:

License plate 48007E2

The rescue group has corresponded with a psychic for help. The agency explains what they have been told:

UPDATE~We have a wonderful man who adopted a dog from us a couple years ago and has helped us with other issues and he senses traps are no longer in the truck. He says they have been jumbled together somewhere on a side road or street and a green vehicle is involved somehow. IF you have any idea on this please contact me viva Text 707-812-9030 with location and we will go check for the traps if you are not wanting to be involved. Cats are still in the traps from what he can sense.

If you have a tip, please call the police and text the rescue agency at 707-812-9030. Follow the group’s Facebook page at this link.

(Image of van via Facebook)

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