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Rescue Continues To Provide Care For Dog With Huge Tumor On Her Face

Los Angeles, CA – The California rescue group that took in a dog stricken with a massive cancerous tumor on her face continues to care for the dog. According to Foxy and the Hounds, the dog, dubbed Pearl, has been diagnosed with cancer, but her oncologist is hopeful that treatment will help.

On March 14, the organization updated concerned followers, writing:

Pearl’s massive tumor has no invasion into the brain. It is only in the orbit (eye area) and just pressing on the nasal cavity. Her lymph nodes look good, and are just mildly enlarged. Her lungs have only a few very small nodules, so small that an x-ray never would have been able to pick them up. She and the radiologist discussed the nodules and they could either just be benign or very early metastatic, which would take a while to grow anyway being so early. Everything looked way better than expected!

Though the tumor on Pearl’s face appears to be uncomfortable, she seems to be happy and content. Last week, the agency described Pearl’s demeanor following her radiation treatment, writing:

She came out tail wagging and in good spirits. Pearl wants to thank everyone who donated and believes her life matters. Cancer Sucks, but this girl has a will to live and most definitely deserves a chance at life! Monday is her last radiation treatment… please keep Pearl in your thoughts and prayers!

Days ago, the rescue group provided another promising update, writing:

She absolutely loves all the attention she gets and is always so happy! We thank everyone who has donated so far to help with the astronomical $15,000 Vet bill and for making this possible for sweet Pearl.

Public support helped the rescue group reach their $15,000 fundraising goal. Now, everyone waits to see if the radiation will help with this inoperable tumor. The rescue group said:

Pearl is a very special soul and has stolen the hearts of many. Everyone is rooting for her and she is doing absolutely amazing. Now, we have to be patient and wait several weeks to several months to see how well the radiation has worked. The oncologist says while she is likely uncomfortable from the size of the mass, she is not in pain and it has not grown since we began radiation. The bleeding has stopped completely and she is in good spirits.

Follow Pearl’s progress at this link to the rescue agency’s Facebook page.

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  1. Prayers for continued response to this nasty cancer. Your a beautiful and amazing girl!! Love, hugs and prayers to you.


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