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Raven Who Cannot Fly And Lost Her Flock Finds Love At Sanctuary

Stacy, MN – A raven who lost her flock has recently found love at the sanctuary tasked with caring for her. Days ago, the Wildlife Science Center shared the love story with Facebook fans, explaining that the bird lost her flock two years ago when a kind man brought her to them because he feared for her safety.

The agency explains:

Approximately two years ago we took in a raven who was unable to fly for her entire life. The most remarkable thing about this bird is that she was found as an adult, living with a flock! The flock obviously took care of her, and they had several trees nearby that had the perfect configuration of branches that allowed her to get out of harms way. A kind hearted gentleman chose to bring her in to keep her safe.

Though the man had good intentions, the bird never got over the loss of her flock. But loneliness would soon be a distant memory for the raven. The organization explains how a friend changed everything:

The Raptor Education Group in Wisconsin took in a non-releasable male raven. On Tuesday we introduced them and to say it is adorable doesn’t accurately describe what we are witnessing. The change in our girl is the most profound thing I have seen-she went from being scared of people to completely ignoring us and calling to her new friend. 

The raven’s sadness evaporated with the introduction of her new companion. The agency said that the duo touch their beaks, vocalize, and sit next to one another. They also enjoy their enrichment toys and spend time exploring their various perches. And their newfound love comes at an appropriate time with the holiday of love just around the corner.

The group said:

The timing of this new romance is not lost on us. Happy Valentine’s day, you two!

Donations for the agency can be made via this link.

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