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Rancher And 34 Cows Killed By Lightning Strike

Jackson County, Colorado – Tragedy struck a Colorado ranch community on Saturday afternoon when a lightning strike took out 34 head of cattle, and the man who was feeding them. The single strike of lightning struck while 51-year-old Mike Morgan was standing near a trailer where approximately 100 cows were gathered around.

The strike knocked the cattle down and killed Morgan. As reported by AP News, all but 34 cows got back up.

The non-profit organization, His Cavvy Foundation, said:

It is with very heavy hearts that we share this news. Our friend, Mike Morgan (51), was killed on Saturday after a fatal lightning strike while feeding his pairs. His wife was horseback about 200 feet away, and it knocked her off her horse. It killed 34 cows and 3 calves that surrounded him; several other cattle were knocked to the ground and survived.

Morgan leaves behind a wife and daughter, and a heartbroken ranching community.

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  1. such a shame at all this loss of life. lightning storms can be very dangerous and people take for granted how dangerous. condolences to the family!



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