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Ralphie The ‘Demon Dog’ Finds New Home With Rare ‘Unicorn Adopter’

Niagara, NY – The saga of Ralphie the so-called “Demon Dog” continues. The deceptively innocent-looking French bulldog rose to internet fame following the Niagara SPCA’s brutally honest adoption profile that outlined his rather difficult demeanor.

Despite the off-putting biography, Ralphie did get adopted, but in short order, he was returned. Ralphie was then sent for some intense training and the animal shelter just announced that Ralphie has been adopted again…this time by a so-called “unicorn adopter” that checks all of the boxes necessary for Ralphie’s long-term success.

In a social media post, the shelter explains:

His adopter’s circumstances differ from our original requirements. Some of that has to do with learning more about Ralphie through training- mainly getting him over his reactivity around other dogs. The rest- well, that has to do with Jason being a unicorn adopter.
Ralphie joins Jason’s pack tomorrow. He’ll live with another Frenchie, a Daschund and a German Shepherd. Jason is uniquely qualified because both his Frenchie and Daschund had bite histories before living with him. As for the German Shepherd- well, he is just lovely and super accepting of everyone.

Ralphie’s new owner is a dog trainer, and he leads an active life full of enrichment for his current pets. The shelter writes:

He’ll provide him with structure, and give him an outlet for all that Frenchie energy. We’re told by Jason that he will spam us with updates, but he has also already created a FB and an Instagram for Ralphie so all of you can follow along too.

The shelter has high hopes for Ralphie:

We wish our tiny, reformed terror all the best and we look forward to hearing about all of his adventures. Will agility be his jam, or maybe he’ll beat his new sibling, Cookie’s 5k time of 36:06??? Whatever his next adventure is, we know he’s set up for a successful future!
Thank you to all who shared Ralphie’s story and to those who donated to help tame the dragon!🐾❤️🐉

Follow Ralphie’s adventures on his new Instagram page here.

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  1. So very happy for Ralphie & so very grateful to his “Unicorn Adopter”!!! I will be following this “Tiny Terror”, lol! I love Ralphie!



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