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Puppy With Badly Broken Leg Found Abandoned On Amazon Delivery Bag Outside Shelter

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky – This week, an injured puppy was abandoned outside of the Kentucky Humane Society shelter. According to the animal welfare agency, the puppy was discovered by one of the shelter’s veterinary technicians who found the pup lying on an Amazon delivery bag outside the shelter’s Admissions Lobby.

The shelter said:

Security cameras showed that at 7:30 pm the night before, a vehicle without a visible license plate pulled up and the passenger left the puppy at the door. The poor puppy – whom we’ve named Cowboy – had a significant injury to his front left leg. He appeared to be in tremendous pain and didn’t move all night.

X-rays of the puppy’s leg indicate that it was broken by blunt force trauma, but the injuries are not believed to be from a vehicle. The shelter said, “We do not know how Cowboy was injured, or who abandoned him. We choose to believe the best in people, so we hope that his injury was an accident and that his owner or the person who found him didn’t know what else to do.”

Donations for Cowboy can be made to the shelter at this link.

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  1. There’s no excuse for leaving a injured dog at a shelter in the middle of the night. The dog could have run away or into traffic and been hit or been picked up by a animal abuser, God knows. The person who dropped off the dog might have been the one that hurt the dog and didn’t want to face arrest. The dog owner should be found though and charged with at least abandonment. Would you leave your injured child outside a hospital and run away? People make me sick. We need to have a eye for a eye type justice to discourage this kind of behavior.

    • this dogs cowardly owner wont be found and we all know this….. and they are probably the ones that hurt this poor dog…. people are the worst beasts of this world…..i also believe in street justice for all abused animals if and when ever they are caught…. give them a taste of their own treatments that they done upon the poor dog or cat….the courts system sure wont stop it….


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