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Pregnant Dog Rescued From Freezing Basement Where She Was Found Chained To A Wall

British Columbia, Canada – An emaciated dog delivered her puppies in a safe and warm environment after she was rescued from a freezing basement where she had been chained to a wall. According to the BC SPCA, the Australian Shepherd was cold and surrounded by squalor.

In a news release, Eileen Drever, senior officer of protection and stakeholder relations for the BC SPCA, described the terrible conditions:

“This poor mom was in an area of the basement that had been separated by plywood and fencing. She was exposed to freezing temperatures and had no protection from the cold except for a sprinkling of alfalfa straw and some dirty towels. She was surrounded by piles of feces and urine.”

The dog, dubbed Noelle, was immediately taken to a veterinarian for an exam and then transferred to BC SPCA’s Kelowna animal centre where she delivered seven healthy puppies.

Mom and puppies were transferred to long-time fosters for the animal welfare agency, Martyn and his wife Linda, who describe Noelle as “one of the best” dogs they have fostered. Noelle is a “total sweetheart,” and a great mother to her pups.

Noelle will be spayed and once she has recovered, she will be available for adoption. The seven puppies will be available for adoption soon. Sign up for alerts on the BC SPCA adoption site.

(Images via BC SPCA)

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  1. I hope the monster owner of this poor dog is fined and thrown into jail!!! Those puppies and mom would have all died a tortured death!

  2. Wow! This is truly wicked. The owner sounds like a real sadist. I hope Canada has animal welfare laws where someone like this is prosecuted and no longer allowed own pets.

  3. Thank God this precious dog and her babies are rescued in time…..Please make the evil owner pay, hang that sick bastard by his balls and make him regret!!!



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