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Police Save Puppy Suffering From Possible Fentanyl Overdose

A pit bull puppy was suffering from a possible fentanyl overdose thanks to her owners, who had narcotics on their car.

Irvine, CA – Last week, police in Irvine helped save a puppy who was suffering from a possible fentanyl overdose. According to the authorities, the gray pit bull pup was in a car parked at a Walmart and she was with a couple in possession of narcotics.

In a release, the police said:

Yesterday, two people were arrested at Walmart for narcotics possession. Their puppy inside the car was exposed to fentanyl and began to show signs of an overdose.

Police rescued puppy exposed to fentanyl
Police rescued puppy exposed to fentanyl

The officers gave the puppy a dose of Narcan and she “immediately” began to recover. The people who exposed the pup to the drugs were arrested. The police identified Caleb Aaron Gibson, 29, of San Juan Capistrano, and Katherine Marylou Menke, 27, of Santa Ana, as the individuals in the vehicle with narcotics.

The authorities have requested felony animal cruelty and possession of narcotics charges from the DA.

The puppy has made a full recovery and she is in the care of animal services.

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  1. Thank goodness the police knew what the signs of a overdose were and had the means to save the dog. It’s becoming so commonplace now that all police keep Narcan on them while on patrol since they deal with multiple calls a week about unresponsive overdosed people. I say let the people die, don’t save them with Narcan. They only are going to start using again after being saved it seems. The planet is over populated anyway and if one druggie dies, who the hell cares. If their family members really loved them, they would intervene instead of allowing them to run the streets uses drugs. If you OD, then it’s your fault. You knew the risk of taking drugs and did it anyway.


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