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Police Officer Adopts Tiny Kitten That He Cared For After Pursuit

In early September, a tiny kitten found herself in the midst of a wild and scary ride with her owner, who was running from the police in Bellingham, Washington. The woman’s reckless drive came to an end when she hit a curb and damaged her car.

Thanks to Officer Bussdieker, the kitten who had survived the harrowing ride was cared for until employees of the Whatcom Humane Society were able to respond.

In the short time that Officer Bussdieker spent with the kitten, a bond was created. So much so, that he decided that the kitten should be a permanent part of his family. On October 13, the Bellingham Police Department wrote:

We have a wonderful update to a story we posted a couple of weeks ago which ended with Officer Bussdieker taking care of a tiny kitten he rescued after a pursuit. While the kitten was safely handed over to the Whatcom Humane Society at the end of the evening, it seems Officer Bussdieker got quite attached to his new little partner……whose new name is Moony.

Officer Bussdieker and his family were chosen to be little Moony’s family after an adoption application was completed. Suffice to say, this little bundle of fur stole the right heart!

Welcome home Moony!

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  1. Not a great lover of cops but have to give credit to this one for showing compassion to this little guy and for not being afraid to show he is a cat guy in spite of the undeserving bad rap this usually brings .

  2. It’s sad this female could not keep her life together to care for this little life, she obviously has a heart but troubled. This was the best outcome for this kitten, thanks for being a good egg..

  3. It’s so great to see this Officer keeping this little kitten. Thank you for being a real man. It’s very unusual these days in America.

  4. Cops get a bad rep because sadly there are a lot of bad ones. What is important though is that there are many who are good and caring people and those are the ones we need. A lucky day for Officer Bussdieker and Moony when they met.

  5. You are the best, Officer Bussdieker — you embody all qualities Humanity looks for in leadership — respect, authority, morality, compassion, rationality, sanity, care and love — you’re the best — thank you — Moony is beyond ADORABLE — he is now your Boss — well, your SECOND Boss.


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