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Police K9 Died From Heat Exhaustion After Air-Conditioning Failure

A police K9 with the Post Falls, Idaho, Police Department died from heat exhaustion after air-conditioning failed at a boarding facility.

Post Falls, ID – A police K9 with the Post Falls Police Department died last week from heat exhaustion when the air-conditioning failed at a facility where the dog was being boarded.

According to the police department, Mack, a Belgian Malinois, had been dropped off at the facility for the night and the cooling system failed in the area where he was being held.

The four-year-old dog had been with the department for two years. On August 9, the Post Falls Police K9 Unit Facebook page said that Mack celebrated his fourth birthday by attending a training session with “friends at the Border Patrol and USAF survival school.”

Police K9 Mack died of heat exhaustion after air-conditioning failure
Police K9 Mack died of heat exhaustion after air-conditioning failure

The K9’s death is under investigation by the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office.

Rest in peace Mack.



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  1. God Bless You Darling Angel K9 Officer Mack (“”)❤️(“”) Thank You for Your Service ~ You Are A Hero!!

    This is a True Tragedy that should never have happend!!! Why was there not atleast one Human at the Boarding Facility on duty monitoring any pups staying there???

    Was there anyone staying on the premises 24 hrs a day? If no, why not?? If yes, did they die too???

    I find this to be Unconscionable!! This is Animal Abuse and Cruelty!!

  2. I cannot believe that not one single person checked on this very intelligent dog and ensured it was kept cool. Policemen can be cruel to dogs.

  3. I am confident this had NOTHING to do with a failed AC. It was, in my estimation, either a dog boot camp exercise or else, as usual, the comfort and well being of the dogs is ignored. But “the AC failed” is their top go-to excuse if any info Ieaks out.

    RecentIy eight K9s died of heat prostration whiIe being transported to a K9 “training” facility in the back of a box cargo van (no ventilation). K9s die of heat prostration in poIice cars aII the time. In fact, there are websites about it. The top excuse is “the AC failed.”

    In public the dogs are referred to as “partners.” In private they are caIIed “tools” or equipment.

    I worked in a PD, and then did the research after seeing horrific cruelty being done to the K9s, including slow torturous hanging to unconsciousness. This is standard, folks. It’s the rule, NOT “one bad apple.” Find stopK9torture (dot) com in your browser, and then if you want to know more there is an email address on the page.

    • That was my second thought: Coverup for all the routine brutality and abuse against these dogs. Like Gloria said below, why would only the one dog be mentioned as dying from heat at a boarding facility?

  4. Another Heat Exhaustion?? Lies!! Independent parties need to investigate these so-called canine deaths from air conditioning.
    Hanging them to unconsciousness. I can see some of these angry cops doing this feeling tough.

    They don’t deserve this faithful companion.
    Investigate!! None of the other dogs died and people who work for PD say their partner abuses them!!

    • This dog died because of police officers’ stupidity and lack of care and attention. Dismiss them !
      And stop lies !
      Chris from France

  5. This place must be getting a LOT of flak (as they should) because they limited who can respond on their Facebook page. So typical of LEA’s.

  6. A dog should not be abused in the police and military. Animals are not meant to be involved in fights between humans, thereby being put in danger of serious injury or being killed. The use of animals in the police and military is a serious abuse of animals.

  7. This sounds like that horror story about a bunch of them dying a week or so back as they were being transported. If a person did this, we’d be jailed.

  8. The Post Falls Police Department must be shut down and all the evil bastards working there deserve to rot in jail! It’s THEIR fault that this poor dog died!!!!



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