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Pet Owners On Alert As Phantom Cat Shaver Targets Dozens Of Cats

Kent, England – Pet owners in Kent are on high alert as a mystery person continues to target cats with a shaver. The bizarre crime involves dozens of felines who have been shaved by someone who leaves cats with large chunks of fur missing from their bodies.

One person told U.K. Metro News:

‘I am so angry and deeply shocked that people can do this kind of thing to a cat or any animal,’

The random attacks started around Christmas and they have continued with nearly 84 cats being shaved so far. According to The Mirror, there were 54 cases, but they spiked to 84 within a week’s time.

Some fear that it is not just one person targeting cats…and that copycat crimes are being committed. Anyone who sees something suspicious should call the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

(Screengrabs from Metro and the Mirror)

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