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Person Arrested For Dumping Dog In Recycling Bin, Leaving Suffering Dog For Dead

Solano County, CA – A person has been arrested and booked into the Solano County Jail for dumping an ailing dog in a Solano Sheriff’s Animal Control Services recycling bin and leaving the suffering dog for dead. According to the Solano Sheriff’s Animal Control Services, the Solano County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Control Bureau arrested a Fairfield resident for dumping a dog in a bin and leaving it for dead on the side of a rural road in unincorporated Rio Vista.

The cruel incident was discovered by a good Samaritan on Sept. 18. Animal services was contacted and the responding officer found the small dog “near death.” Animal Control Services said, “While receiving veterinary care at the shelter, an owner was located. Ultimately, the decision was made to humanely euthanize the animal to end the dog’s suffering.”

Describing how the suspect was identified through the investigation process.

Using FLOCK Safety cameras, a time frame was determined for when this dog was left for dead on the side of the road and identified the vehicle responsible for doing so. After many interviews, a suspect was identified.
Our Animal Control Officer was able to locate the responsible party and contacted the person at the residence in Fairfield. The suspect admitted to leaving the dog on the side of the road.

The suspect, who has not been publicly identified, is charged with felony animal cruelty and willful abandonment of an animal.

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  1. Why wasn’t the person identified publicly? Illegal immigrant? In that case there will be no justice for that poor dog. Not that there ever is any real justice for abused animals, due to “only-ism.” As in “they’re only animals.” Even felony animal abuse is lightly sentenced compared to less heinous crimes against people. So that when they quickly are freed again they can continue making life hell for others.



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