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Outrage Follows Shelter’s Killing Of Dog Who Was Being Held After Incident With Off-Leash Dog

Arlington, VA – There is widespread outrage following the early euthanasia of a dog named Marley who was being held at Humane Rescue Alliance. Marley’s troubles began when she was out for a walk with her foster, Rachel Manu.

According to Manu, a Yorkshire terrier got away from its owner and ran at them, barking. She explains what transpired to Fox 5 News:

“I bend down to grab the other dog’s leash to pull her away and that’s when Marley was able to get around me and grab the other dog. The poor baby just wants to be loved and I think she got into protective mode when that provocation occurred.”

While reaching into Marley’s mouth to separate the dogs, Manu was injured, and the small dog sustained serious, but non-life-threatening injuries. Marley was sent to the shelter for a 10-day bite quarantine. The shelter indicated that Marley could have killed the little dog and she would likely be euthanized, but people were fighting to give her a chance to live.

In fact, during the quarantine holding period, a trainer and a non-profit rescue agency were secured for Marley…but there would be no second chances for the maligned dog.

On Sunday, a day before her quarantine was to end, the shelter decided to kill her. People fighting for Marley’s life broke the news:

The shelter has stated that killing Marley was a “difficult decision” and that Marley was put down because she was believed to be a danger to the public.

Rest in peace Marley.

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    • They are monster they knew what they were doing how many other dogs have they murdered they said it was with heavy ❤️’s that they had BUllSHIT!!!! It was the Yorkie owner fault didn’t have ahold of the least.😡Marley RIP YOU BEAUTIFUL FURBABY 🌈 HOW OPEN YOUR WINGS AND FLY HIGH YOU PRECIOUS FURBABY

  1. What kind of humanoid beasts are these who immediately kill a dog without giving it a chance!!!
    This is not a shelter but a death camp who are directly responsible for killing this dog!
    Nazi executioners are the ones responsible for that!!!

  2. This is terrible. Is there anything that can be done to these people legally to hold them accountable? If there’s something that can be done it needs to be done to demonstrate that every dog’s life matters!!


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