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Outer Banks Wild Horse Euthanized After Being Hit By A Car

A wild horse, dubbed Thicket, had to be euthanized after he suffered a severe injury caused by being hit by a car.

Dare County, North Carolina – A wild horse, in the prime of his life, had to be euthanized after being struck by a vehicle and sustaining a severe injury. On Monday, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund recounted how the stallion, dubbed Thicket, was injured.

According to the organization, someone called to report that a horse had not moved in “some time” and was not bearing weight on his front leg. A staff member went to check on the horse and discovered that he was not bearing weight on his front, right leg, and he was unwilling to move.

The staff member discovered various items that seemed to be from a vehicle close to the horse. These included plastic fragments from a turn signal and a fender.

The agency sent photos and video of Thicket to their vet and reached out to the authorities. After consulting with the veterinarian, the decision was made to capture Thicket and get him to a veterinarian for further assessment.

The organization said:

He was sedated once inside the trailer to make the trip a bit easier for him, and taken to the CWHF farm on the mainland. Once there, he was given pain medication and an anti-inflammatory and put into a quiet stall with hay, water, and a fan.

Tragically, x-rays confirmed Thicket’s devastating injury – his elbow was badly fractured and the difficult decision was made for humane euthanasia.

Those who knew the wild horse are mourning his loss. The organization writes:

It’s a devastating loss for the herd, and heartbreaking for those of us who have watched Thicket grow up.

Offering a heartfelt request to those who visit the area where the wild horses roam:

Please slow down. Please do not feed or pet the horses. Please call 911 immediately if you witness horses in danger or distress.

Rest easy Thicket.

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