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One Of Escaped Maryland Zebras Found Dead In Snare Trap

One of the zebras who escaped from a breeder’s farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, has been found dead. According to multiple sources, the escapee was discovered deceased in an illegal snare trap that was set up not far from the farm where the zebras has escaped.

Nobody knows who set up the trap, and whoever did could be facing charges.

A total of three zebras escaped around the first of September from Jerry Holly Exotics, whose description online, states: “WE are an EXOTIC BREEDER that specializes in: Red Fox, Gray Fox, Arctic Fox, Fennec fox, Kinkajous, Sugar Glyders, Hedgehogs, Chinchillas, Otters, Raccoon, and Skunks. We offer QUALITY, HAND RAISED , PRE-SPOILED kits. If you are looking for a QUALITY PET you have come to the right place. We sell animals that can be legally obtained to all 50 states in the USA.”

There are still zebras on the loose. Prince George’s County Animal Services Chief Rodney Taylor shared advice with anyone who might come in contact with the zebras, telling ABC 7 News:

“They won’t attack you. Please do not try to corner them or try to catch them. They’re not used to being handled by humans, so they will kick — zebras do bite — so please if you happen to see them, just give us a call and let us know, but please stay away.”

Anyone who spots a zebra is asked to call Animal Services Division at 301-780-7200.

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  1. Please no more snare trap which is the worst horrible torment toward every kind of animal as that’s the slow & cruel way of killing any kind of animal. I hope that there’ll be no more snares!! GRR

  2. On top of banning snare traps we need to ban exotic animals as pets. They should live the lives they are supposed to – WILD.



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