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One Day Old Kitten Abandoned In Box With Blanket

Pennsylvania – A tiny kitten is lucky to be alive after being abandoned outside of a Philadelphia animal shelter. According to the Pennsylvania SPCA, the day old kitten, dubbed Warrior, was left in a box outside of their facility.

The agency said:

At just one day old, little Warrior was found in a box dumped outside of the shelter this morning. With nothing but a blanket for warmth, staff members found him crying, hungry, and with his umbilical cord still attached.

This kitten is safe, but others are not as fortunate. In the midst of “kitten season,” the resources for animal shelters become stretched thin. The agency explained the importance of having foster families to help:

Fosters are vital to this process – and are much needed! No experience is required. We will provide all the hands-on training, supplies, and emotional support needed to help these babies grow and flourish.

If you’re interested in learning more about the shelter’s foster program, please email or fill out an application at the link below.

Click here to learn more.

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  1. Why not just take the kitten inside the shelter? Yes it’s nice they left it in a box somewhat protected with a blanket for heat but at this age they lose heat rapidly and and it could have possibly got out of the box and then what? One dead kitten probably. Thankfully it ended on a positive note- just hope someone either adopts it or at least steps up to foster it.

  2. So sad. Poor little precious kitty. Hope someone will look after the wee kitty and take care of it, find a home for it.

  3. It sounds like extreme igorance. Maybe a child found this kitten and attempted to do the best they could for him. *Prayers* for tiny Warrior to survive, thrive, and find a loving permanent guardian and home.

  4. Oh my gosh, that’s abandoning a newborn baby! That’s sick, despicable, appalling and disgusting. I agree, why couldn’t the person take it inside?

  5. To hell with such a person who would take a newborn kitten away from its mother who wants to care for her baby but instead took it just to leave it abandoned!!! May a person like that die a horrible death. They could have just left it alone the despicable creep!!!! Please take care of baby Warrior.



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