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Officials Issue Warning After Dog Fatally Injured By Bear

Sparta, NJ – Dog owners are being urged to take caution following two bear attacks in Sparta Township, around West Mountain Road, in May. According to the Sparta Police Department, one incident resulted in fatal injuries to a dog.

In a release, the authorities recounted the incidents:

On May 09, 2024, a bear attacked a resident’s dogs on Graphic Boulevard. This was followed by a second incident on May 13, 2024, where another encounter occurred on Mountain Spring Drive.

One dog, Rocco, survived long enough for veterinary care. He received more than 100 stitches, with a $6,000 veterinary bill, but died from the injuries four days later.

It is unclear if the attacks were instigated by the same bear, but officials have determined that both involved a mother bear with cubs. According to ABC7 News, in at least one of the incidents, the dog instigated the attack against the bear.

Officials advise:

Residents in the vicinity of West Mountain Road are advised to exercise caution when outdoors and to take necessary precautions to avoid potential bear encounters. This includes securing garbage and food sources that may attract wildlife.

Anyone witnessing an aggressive bear or encountering aggressive wildlife is urged to contact the Sparta Township Police Department immediately 973-729-6121 to report the incident.
The Sparta Township Police Department will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide updates as necessary.

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