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Officers Rescue Pup Huddled By Dumpster, Now He Is Undergoing A DNA Test To See If He Is A Dog

Dallas, TX – On Monday, an adorable pup was rescued after South Dallas Police officers found him huddled by a dumpster. But the pup, dubbed Toast, may not be what the officers thought he was.

According to WFAA News, the pup’s coloring suggests that he might be a coyote, rather than a dog.

The jury is split on what Toast is…Dallas Animal Services think that he is a coyote pup, but their wildlife officer doesn’t think so. In order to make a definitive determination, the puppy will undergo DNA testing.

The animal services facility will determine the best path forward after the DNA results are back.

What do you think? Is Toast a coyote pup or a domestic dog puppy?

(All images Dallas Animal Services)

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