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Officers Rescue Five Dogs From Hot Storage Unit In Florida

Cape Coral, FL – Days ago, a family of dogs were rescued from a sweltering hot storage unit in Cape Coral. The Cape Coral Police Department posted a photo of rescued puppies on February 17, writing:

Cape Coral Police Officers Cantrel and Moon rescued three puppies and their parents from a storage unit in Cape Coral. They are all safe and healthy! 🐶👮🏻‍♂️🚔🐾

As reported by ABC 7 News, the police were alerted to the situation by the manager of the facility, who believed there were dogs inside of a unit at the storage business on SE 9th Terrace.

Nogel Noel, who has a unit in the same building, described the conditions:

“No AC. There’s a lightbulb and outlet,” Noel said. “Hot. I mean, we’re in there working right now and I’m sweating. You couldn’t survive in there. Absolutely not. That’s insane.”

The owner of the dogs has not yet been located. The dogs were taken to Lee County Domestic Animal Services.

(Image via Facebook)

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  1. Thank you to police and the manager of the units for getting those poor dogs out of there in time…it may have been only hours left before they started dying. Find that cruel moron who did that and give him the same treatment in an overheated jail cell with no water.



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