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Officer Takes In Malnourished Cat Found Alone In Parking Lot

Allegheny County, PA – A cat left to fend for herself has a new lease on life after being rescued from an airport parking lot. According to the Allegheny County Police Department, an airport employee spotted the year-old cat in a long-term parking lot; it was clear the cat needed help.

The authorities wrote:

Last Friday, an airport employee spotted what appeared to be a stray cat in long term parking. The employee contacted ACPD, and officers were able to catch the animal. It was clear to our officers the cat was extremely malnourished and in need of veterinary care.

May be an image of cat

Fortunately, someone was willing to take the young cat in. Patrol Officer Edward Watts stepped up and volunteered to take her in and get her the veterinary care she needed to be a happy, healthy cat.

Today, this cat has a name (Spirit) and a family of her very own. According to the authorities, Spirit is expected to make a full recovery and she is already settling in at her new home with Officer Watts and his family.

Enjoy your new life Spirit!

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  1. Thank you, Officer Watts and family. You are very fortunate to have the unconditional loyalty, love and companionship of Spirit.



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