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Officer Assists Homeless Woman Who Wants A Better Life For Her Dog

Dupage County, IL – A dog is beginning a new life thanks to his homeless owner, who wanted him to have a better life. The dog, named Pluto, is now with the DuPage County Animal Services facility because his former owner reached out for help.

On Thursday, the animal welfare agency explained the touching situation, writing:

A police officer called last night to ask if someone could stay late as they drove a homeless person and her dog to the shelter. The pet owner said she wanted a better life for Pluto. Living outside and moving from place to place has been hard on both of them.

Expressing gratitude to the police officer who helped the woman and her dog escape the bitter cold, “Thank you to the officer that drove her to us and then was trying to get her into a shelter.”

Pluto got extra love and attention from shelter staff and he will begin life anew after someone adopts him. Learn more about adopting Pluto at this link.

Step 1.  Scroll down or visit the shelter’s Facebook page to learn more information about animals up for adoption. Click on their name to see more details.

Step 2. Complete the appropriate application.

Step 3. If you aren’t sure which pet is right for you, call our office at 630-407-2800 to speak with a staff member.


Please note! All inquiries about this dog must be made directly to the shelter. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has no affiliation with the animal welfare agency.

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  1. Oh wow, this sweet fur baby puppy 🐶 dog, awww..that is wonderful breaks 💔 my heart that a dog 🐶 and his mama who were both homeless were separated because the owner of the dog 🐶 wanted to make sure that Pluto got a better life and a safer life with a safe environment food, water, shelter a place to sleep 😴🥱 a warm place to sleep 😴🥱 instead of going place to place or sleeping outside in cold 🥶❄️ and it’s been freezing 🥶❄️ cold everywhere this winter 🥶❄️ so she did what was best for her dog 🐩🐕 and although she loves her dog Pluto she was being a good owner and mommy for making sure that Pluto and her were taken care of and that meant for them to be separate to the point where Pluto is and would be getting lots of extra love ❤️ and a home 🏡 where Pluto was warm in a bed and had food and that is what made the owner and mom of Pluto a good owner because it’s hard for someone that is homeless to be taking care of themselves and a 🐶 having a dog 🐶 he homeless and be sleeping 😴 outside it’s just not smart she was doing what was the best for the both of them because she knew Pluto would have a better life then like the letter said sleeping place to place I would have done the same thing if for any reason I was homeless I would make sure that my kitty 🐈 cat would have a safe place to go and a home with food and water 💦 and then get myself help that was so sweet that the officer helped out the homeless lady and got her in a shelter and got her dog 🐕 Pluto in a safe place until he is adopted out he will be thankful for the rest of his life.

  2. Here is an example of a person doing what any decent, caring person in that situation would do — putting the life and welfare of those in their care above their own. There’s a lot to be learned here. May Pluto find a loving permanent home and may his companion do so also. That anyone should be without shelter and basic survival mechanisms in the self-touted most prosperous nation on earth is criminal. *NOT a socialist. A centrist, with compassion and empathy.*



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