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Ocean Connections Mourns Death Of Rescued Seal, Bowie

Hershey, PA – On Tuesday, Ocean Connections, Inc., which cares for animals at the Hersheypark Aquatheatre, announced the death of a rescued seal named Bowie. The non-profit organization explained that Bowie was immunocompromised, and he was unable to molt during the winter, causing “an insurmountable strain on his body.”

In a news release, the organizations expressed sorrow over the death of the first grey seal they had ever cared for:

While he joined the Ocean Connections family in 2021, he has left a flipper print on the hearts of our animal care team who immediately fell in love with his gentle and sweet personality. We have valued sharing his story with guests so dearly and are incredibly grateful to have loved such a wonderful ambassador.

And gratitude for the lessons learned from the rescued seal:

We have learned so much from him. He taught us fortitude, grace, and patience. Bowie reminded us to be brave and have trust in those who care for us. The bond formed between our animal care specialists and Bowie is one unlike any other. We are honored to give animals like Bowie a second chance and the best life possible for however long we may have with them. 

Bowie was cared for by the organization because he was deemed “un-releasable” due to underdeveloped eyes.

Rest in peace Bowie.

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