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NYPD Officers Rush To Save Pup Hurled From Ledge

New York City, New York – On May 16, officers with the New York Police Department were called out to Edgecombe Avenue and West 165th Street by someone who stated they “snapped” and hurled their dog from a ledge. Responding officers found a young poodle badly injured and bleeding.

According to sources, Officers Kelsey Garcia, Lt. Vincent Caprino and Officer Joseph Oshea, rushed to help the grievously injured pup, who they feared would not survive. Officer Garcia said, “My first thought was this little guy is not going to make it, there’s no way, he was just bleeding from the nose and the mouth, barely conscious, labored breathing.”

The officers transported the pup, Rocket, to the ASPCA where he underwent emergency surgery. His injuries were severe, but he is expected to recovery in six to eight weeks. Surgery director Dr. J’mai Gayle tells ABC 17, “He’s come through the critical part of everything and seems to be doing well at this point. I met him yesterday and he’s a very happy little dog. He just really want to be around people. He’s a trooper.”

The dog’s owner, 26-year-old Cleopatra Morgan, is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, torture/injure/not feeding animals, criminal possession of a weapon and false personation.

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  1. If this had been a person instead of a dog, the charge would include attempted murder, as it should in this case. I am grateful he survived.

  2. Poor adorable little pooch. I pray that Rocket gets really good people for his forever family now and is always protected from evil. What a disgusting world, where these things are done by “human” beings. These sick demons all need to be erased from existence.

  3. Make this ugly freaking monster pay all vet bills, then throw her nasty, heartless self in jail for a very long time.

  4. I’m glad she at least called the cops so the dog was saved but maybe next time call for help before you “snap” and try to kill a living creature



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