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No Room, No Time – Puppies On Euthanasia List In Texas Animal Control Facility

Update 7/3/2023: According to Code Red Animals of FWACC, only one puppy remains on the euthanasia list. Puppy #5 was not picked up by the person who said they would get him. Please continue to network on this adorable puppy’s behalf!

Puppy #5 at risk


Fort Worth, TX – A litter of puppies is in imminent danger at a crowded Texas animal control facility. The German shepherd mix puppies are already on the euthanasia list at the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control facility and they are nearly out of time.

On Sunday afternoon, the Facebook page Code Red Animals of FWACC said that some of the pups had been adopted or rescued, but several are still waiting for a last-minute miracle.

Offering photos of the pups who still need to be saved before the unthinkable happens.


These puppies, and their mother, were picked up as strays. The mother was adopted and the puppies remaining may be gone soon if help does not come in time.

🚫 DO NOT CALL THE SHELTER! It goes to the city call center; not the shelter. All communication with the shelter is through email.

✅ Adoptions must be done in person from 12-6pm when the shelter is open to the public.

📩 To save this dog: You must EMAIL to place a hold on the dog! All adoption, foster, rescue tags must be sent via EMAIL:

➡️ In subject line write “last call” with dog’s name and animal #. You’ll get an automated response back first then staff will send a confirmation email.

Note: Please contact the facility directly. Animal Victory is NOT the point of contact and has no affiliation with the dogs or the shelter. 

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  1. This is an awful world we live in, where precious babies are being executed in “shelters.” People have got a lot to answer for. ESPECIALLY dog breeders!



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