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No Life Too Small, Rescuers Save Kitten Who Fell Into Storm Drain

Baltimore, MD – On Tuesday morning, a small kitten was rescued after getting stuck in a storm drain. It took a team to free the tiny feline from the drain at Orleans and Broadway.

Engine Company No. 6, members of the Department of Public Works, Baltimore Police, and Animal Control worked together to save the kitten.

According to Fox Baltimore, the kitten will now have a home because one of the firefighters is planning to adopt!

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  1. I love it — THANK YOU to the brave, compassionate, respectful Humans who value ALL life — job well done.

  2. This is such a great story because two weeks ago a kitten had fallen into a storm drain near our home. When my neighbor and I called the fire department they came and said, “Oh, if he got in there, he’ll get himself out!” Then, they got into their truck and left. I and my neighbor ended up staying outside all afternoon and evening to trap this little strong-willed cutie. I ran to get a kitten trap from a friend who does TNR. I had to go down in the storm drain and place the trap and entice the kitten. By 8:45 pm that evening, after this little guy called in a distressed voice all day and the evening before, he finally wanted food and got into the trap. I’m glad to say that now he’s my little fur-baby. I’m glad these firefighters did what they needed to do and didn’t shy away from the task like the firefighters where I lived did.



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