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NFL Player Facing Cruelty Charges For Abandoning Two Dogs

Tuscaloosa County, AL – An NFL player is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly abandoning two dogs at a rented home. According to sources, 27-year-old Isaiah Buggs, a defensive tackle with the Kansas City Chiefs, moved out of a Tuscaloosa home around March 19 – on March 28, police found a pit bull on a feces covered, screened-in porch, and a rottweiler locked in a cage without food or water.

When the dogs were discovered, they were “severely malnourished, emaciated, neglected,” and the home appeared to be abandoned. The pit bull was ultimately euthanized at the Tuscaloosa County Metro Animal Shelter because of failed heartworm treatment, and aggression.

Buggs’ agent, Trey Robinson, released a statement (posted on “X” about the situation:


Buggs is facing two misdemeanor charges for second-degree cruelty to dogs or cats.

(Image via collage from YouTube screengrab and Pixabay stock images)

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  1. Yes Mr, Buggs is just misunderstood. what a worthless scum bag. he is a scrub as a football player and even a bigger scrub as a human being. they said he skipped out on $3,100.00 in back rent and he plays in the NFL. he obviously feels he is above all the normal things in life like paying rent and being responsible for the pets you have. he is a lowlife in a football uniform and i hope KC kicks his sorry ass to the curb.

  2. There’s no excuse for this behavior. This man knew what he was doing. He’s lying through his teeth. He needs to be held responsible. What’s with these football players and cruelty to animals, children, and wives. I am with Lou. I hope they kick his ass to the curb. He’s disgraceful and Fine his ass! Make an example of this behavior. Michael Vick didn’t stop what he was doing until he was humiliated in publicly.



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