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Newly Adopted Dog Got Lost And Then Found Her Way Back To Shelter, Using Ring Doorbell To Get Help

El Paso, Texas – A missing dog, who recently escaped from her new family, revealed just how clever she is when she turned up 10 miles away at the shelter where she had been adopted from. On January 29, the Animal Rescue League of El Paso informed the public that Bailey was missing.

Two days later, the animal welfare agency let everyone know just how clever Bailey is, writing:

Bailey is now safe ❤️. To all those who searched, spotted, called, hoped – we thank you🤗. As we knew, dogs are incredible❤️🐾❤️. Bailey made her own way back to ARL, and rang our ring doorbell at 1:15am saying she wanted in. Staff rushed to the shelter and put Bailey in her run💗💗💗. She was very happy, and we were too☺️. Thank you

As reported by People, Bailey is now back with her adoptive family, settling in and learning that she has a new home that is not at the shelter.

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