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Newborn Chimp Reunited With Mom After C-Section

Wichita, KS – A newborn chimp was reunited with his mom, Mahale, two days after being delivered by c-section. The baby had to be whisked away after the delivery because he was struggling to breathe on his own.

The Sedgwick County Zoo captured the beautiful reunion on video. It the sweet segment, you can see the moment that baby Kucheza moves, catching his mom’s eye. She races to pick him up from the blue blanket he is bundled in and gently cradles him in her arms.

The zoo Tweets:

Excuse us while we continue drowning in happy tears.

Shortly after, the zoo said that mom and baby are doing well:

Just in from the keepers: Mahale and Baby are doing amazing and our boy now has a name!
Kucheza (koo-CHAY-zuh) means β€œplay” in Swahili.

You can follow along with this sweet family at this link to Facebook.

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