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New Cat Cafe Is So Successful They Are Running Out Of Cats

Summerville, SC – A new cafe in Summerville has encountered the best possible type of problem, a shortage of their main attraction…cats! The Mews + Brews Cat Cafe, which features adoptable cats from the nearby animal shelter Dorchester Paws, opened its doors on January 6 and the response was incredible.

Days after the grand opening, the business let everyone know that they were “suffering from success,” with a shortage of adoptable cats.

It is a wonderful problem to have. Cait Cox, the cafe owner hoped that the business would help homeless shelter cats get adopted, but she did not expect so much success right out of the gate.  Cox told the Post and Courier:

“I was hoping we would have maybe two adoptions in the first week. I was like, ‘That’ll be good. That’ll show that there’s interest, if we get two, I’ll be happy,’” Cox said. “We had two our very first day.”

April Howard, director of operations at Dorchester Paws, is thrilled to be partnering with Cox. She tells the news agency:

“Those type of cats’ personalities don’t get to flourish behind kennel bars,” Howard said, “so having somewhere they can literally relax on a couch and just be themselves is really awesome.”

Find Mews + Brews Cat Cafe on Facebook at this link.

Learn more about the cafe, and how you can make a reservation, at this link.

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  1. That is good “stock” to run out of and such a great idea. It is true, animals are not always able to show who they truly are when in cages or in shelters, even good ones. Here is to many more cats with new homes and love.

  2. Cats are the world’s most beloved companions. It’s hardly surprising that they would adopt out all of their cats, but it is great. Wishing them many more successful adoptions!

  3. I LOVE IT — GREAT NEWS — Thank you for being there — for EXISTING — in the event new “adoption” situation with NEW adopters does NOT work out for Cats, Cats will always have a wonderful home with you, Mews & Brews



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