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Neglected Dog Recovering After Being Abandoned And ‘Cemented’ To Sidewalk

Boca Raton, FL – A badly neglected dog is getting a new lease on life after being rescued from a sidewalk in Boca Raton. According to a post by Tri-County Humane, the abandoned pooch was literally stuck to a sidewalk when he was found by a good Samaritan.

Four days ago, the animal welfare agency said:

He was cemented to the ground.
You read that right. Completely stuck to the sidewalk off Yamato Road for what seemed like days. He was left to die.
The smell was unbearable. There was no way a dog could have ended up like this overnight. How long was it going on? How long does he have? Did he get to us in time?


The dog, dubbed Trooper, was covered in urine and feces matted fur, had maggots crawling on his body, overgrown nails, and severe dental disease. An exam revealed a myriad of health issues, including worms, heart murmur, UTI, ear infections, enlarged prostate, and paralysis.

Good wishes, and donations, have been pouring in for Trooper. On Thursday, the animal welfare agency thanked Trooper’s supporters and let them know that he is showing signs of improvement:

Look who is starting to smile after all of your support!!! Trooper had the sillies this morning! Thank you to Blessing Blankets made with Love for keeping him warm between treatments and rehab! Thank you to everyone who has donated, emailed, sent positive thoughts and gave love to Trooper so far! His first smile is because of all of you!


Follow Trooper’s journey at this link to the shelter on Facebook.

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  1. people just suck. whoever did this should have their head slammed against the floor and leave them laying there in their own filth.

  2. What the hell is wrong with people that they think it is okay to treat animals like this, Hopefully he can recover and find a better life with better owners and equally hopefully Karma comes down hard on the assholes who left this little dog in such a precarious state.

  3. I’m a therapist and believe it or not people treat their children this way as well. And this is the cruel terrible world we live in. Go Trooper! Four rescues have chosen to rescue me from myself and I am the lucky one.



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