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Necropsy Reveals True Cause Of Death For Horse Who Mysteriously Died

King County, WA – A necropsy performed on the body of a horse who died under mysterious circumstances in unincorporated King County has revealed her true cause of death. Stevie Jacobson’s miniature horse, Buttercup, was found dead in a pasture in late February.

The 26-year-old horse appeared to have died from a gunshot wound to her head. But a necropsy revealed that Buttercup was not the victim of an animal cruelty crime. The King County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release about the case on Monday, explaining how Buttercup died:

Several X-rays of the horse’s head, neck, and abdomen, were done, attempting to locate a bullet. No bullet was found. An indentation/wound in the horse’s skull was found, which appeared to be caused by blunt force trauma. The shape of the indentation/wound was similar in the shape of a horse’s hoof. It is believed that that the actual cause of death was likely a kick to the head by one of the other horses that had been in the same pen with Buttercup.

The exam, performed by Veterinarian, Doctor Hannah Mueller, along with Kim Koon of Pasado’s Safe Haven, did not reveal any evidence to support Buttercup being the victim of intentional harm.

(Stock image of horse via Pixabay free images)

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  1. The death of this poor precious horse is still caused by humans!!! If these horses would not be prisoned in that pen this would not have happened!!

  2. Accident Do Happens. Likely a Standard size Horse probably kicked the miniature pony. They probably were running around, playing and kicking, the pony was too near the horse when it happened. Do Not Blame it on the horse and this is not the Fault of the horse. If this is just one horse or several horses, don’t Blame the Horses for the death of the Pony. Rest In Peace Buttercup. Buttercup wouldn’t have NOT wanted the Horses to be Blame. Buttercup will FORGIVE The Horses.

  3. What a relief that it wasn’t a “human” this time. I hope poor little Buttercup died quickly, no terrible pain or fear.


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