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Nearly 100 Cats Saved From Iowa Home

Cedar Rapids, IA – Nearly 100 cats have been rescued from a bad living situation in Cedar Rapids. According to Last Hope Animal Rescue, 75 cats were removed from a hoarder’s home this week, and 20 more cats on the property still need to be caught.

In a Facebook post, the rescue group said:

Cedar Valley Humane Society helped the sheriff with the initial trapping of animals on the property within the last few weeks. While many of the cats appear to have already been spay or neutered through TNR, they will all need flea treatment, dewormer, vaccines and FeLV/FIV testing as we have no way of knowing how long ago they were seen by a vet.

The animal welfare agency is hoping to get assistance from the public to help them care for the recent inundation of cats. They write:

We are in immediate need of clumping cat litter, paper towels, tall/kitchen size garbage bags, high quality cat food both canned and dry as well as monetary donations to help with medical care. Once we start to address medical care and start to better access each cat we will also be in need of volunteers to help with animal care, fostering and adoption. Many of these cats are friendly young adults, we are hopeful that they can find loving indoor homes but anticipate that a few of them will be seeking caring outdoor homes that have barns or a shop type setting to offer shelter and care.

Donations can be directed to Last Hope Animal Rescue, 1823 16th Ave SW 52404.

Follow the rescue agency on Facebook at this link.

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  1. Our rescue group here in NYC is always involved with these situations. You’d be surprised how many lunatics are out there. Very sad what people do to animals.

  2. How do neighbors not take action? Do they and the authorities not care don’t have time? PEOPLE NEED TO BE VIGILANT IN HELPING ANIMALS TORTURED BY PSYCHO HOARDERS….

  3. At the risk of people attacking me, the article did say that it appeared many were spayed/neutered, which would indicate that at the very least, they probably all had at least one series of vaccinations, because most vets won’t alter unless vaccinated. The fleas–well yeah, I guess if there is that many and you don’t keep on top of it, they are easily transmitted. It only takes one to infest them all. They did not say that the cats were starving, or dead, or showed any pics that they seem very ill and not cared for. MY POINT—yes, it is a sad situation, and maybe it got out of hand, but the person (persons?) maybe had their heart in the right place, but became overwhelmed with caring for all of them. Article said they were ‘friendly, young adults’–cats that are treated badly and abused–I can tell you from experience, they would not be friendly towards strangers. Seems like they were mostly cared for, and maybe this was much better than being out on the streets. Don’t judge before knowing all the facts. Just saying.

    • I’m in total agreement with you. People always say they want to “help animals “ yet they do nothing- waiting for others to come to the rescue… and when they do they’re attacked & vilified. Some people just have the heart for doing this while others sit in judgement. The REAL SHAME is that this person wasn’t supported in helping these cats. Now they’ll be taken to overcrowded “shelters “ – some will be euthanized & others “released “ somewhere after being deemed “unadoptable”. Who’s the REAL savior here??? If this person were a celebrity doing the same thing, people would be drooling all over hem & singing their praises. People are the greatest enemy to both animals AND each other…😿



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