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Motorist Discovers Severely Abused Pup In Trash Bag Beneath Overpass

Santa Cruz, CA – An abused and abandoned puppy is safe after being discovered beneath the Buena Vista/Highway 1 overpass by a motorist. According to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, the golden retriever puppy was stuffed into a plastic garbage bag before being left on the side of the road.

In a release, the authorities stated:

The motorist alerted the California Highway Patrol, and the responding sergeant immediately transported the dog to the Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital. The puppy, nicknamed “Cheddar,” is now recovering from significant injuries and other indications of aggravated animal neglect and abuse.

The authorities are hopeful that someone can shed light on this animal cruelty case. The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office and Santa Cruz County Animal Services (SCCAS) have posted photos of the pup, and the collar he was wearing, to social media with the hopes that someone will come forward with a tip. Anyone with information related to this case, please contact Sergeant Miyoshi at 831-454-7640.

The injured pup’s veterinary expenses are expected to be high. Anyone hoping to help offset those expenses can make a donation at this link.

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  1. Why can’t people just take an animal they no longer want to an animal rescue or shelter instead of just abandoning the poor thing? Because these people are assholes and devoid of any emotional connection to animals in general and should never have had these animals to begin with. Wish these people could be abandoned to the farthest reaches of this planet without food,water etc and see them suffer just like the animals they abandoned.

  2. Dreadful. Poor animals so heartbreaking to see these daily. But who ever you are I wish Karma gets you twice fold for your cruelty to a poor defences dog.



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